13 September 2006


Saturday and Sunday saw a lot of playtime. The strings settled in only slightly, still a very bright, metallic sound. So I'm likely to avoid the Phosphor Bronze and Bronze strings from Martin in the future. The other options are Elixir, with their "nanoweb" coating, and the recommended D'Addario Silk and Steel strings, both of which are supposed to give me a bit of a softer, more mellow sound. That is what I like, so that sounds like a plan for the future for things to try.

Anyway, not much practicing on Monday or Tuesday. Last night I subbed in for a friend's soccer team and scored my first goal in organised soccer. Hopefully tonight I can get back "on the horse".

I did find a taker for the Yamaha mixer, so it's heading out the door. I had a taker for the AT2020, but inspecting the box revealed that the eBay seller either lied directly or made the mistake of forgotting 2 fairly key accessories. So that fell through in fairly spectacular fashion. There is another guy with interest, so maybe I can get those accessories and make the sale yet. Otherwise, it is a highly reviewed microphone, so maybe, just maybe, I'll try it out myself.

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