07 October 2006

More trumpet.

A long practice session with the old horn, really starting to get the range, endurance, and tone control back. Most of the rest of it (fingering, reading music) is like riding a bike, and it's fairly silly how much I still remember from the old days.

Some guitar work, too.

Borrowed some microphones from a friend at work to experiment with new sounds, and just in time as the MOTU finally arrived -- missing all of the advertised audio cables, but I guess that is par for the course when buying used off of eBay. But wow, what a difference in sound when I plugged the MOTU in -- I guess that's what people are talking about when they say that your A/D converters matter, because it was not much short of an amazing difference.

I still don't understand sampling rates, sample size, and most of the driver settings. But hey, that's what a copious amount of free time is for... [More]

02 October 2006

Dusting off the trumpet.

Practice time today was on the trumpet. Apparently the last time I played it, I thought that I would be picking it back up soon, because I left it half-covered with fingerprints. But that doesn't hurt the sound. Anyway, as I suspected it is mostly my range and endurance which are still the most hurt -- it's actually fairly interesting how much I still remember. Some more practice and I should be back up to snuff enough to get through any bits I come up with for the album. [More]