28 September 2006

Hello, MOTU.

Well, just when I had officially decided to go with the Echo AudioFire4, I won an eBay auction for a used MOTU 828. It's definitely a lot more machine, but it has the footprint to prove it. Anyway, I'm hoping that it comes soon, it just works, and finally I can get all this gear talk behind me and get back to work.

On that front, I did some more playing around with Tracktion, recording a take of "Carousel". Wow! That is some pretty nice, easy to use software. It probably didn't hurt that I think I'm getting the knack of microphone placement and level setting the Mackie mic pres.

On the songwriting front, unfortunately I just can't stop the G-C-Em progression from dominating everything I do. I've been working on a song for a while, just lyrics and melody, and then I realised: uh-oh, this is practically the same song, again, as both "Carousel" and "Best Days". And I've already used the capo trick. So the song I've tentatively entitled "Where You End And I Begin" doesn't really have a place to go right now.

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