18 September 2006


Ouch. Well, I spent most of Sunday afternoon figuring out how to properly wire my AT2020, Mackie, and sound card. Nothing worked, until finally I remembered that every time I plug in my USB sound card, I have to manually go into the control panel and select the "line in" for recording. I fired up my trusty, simple Acoustic Labs Multitrack Recorder and laid down a few tracks, anxiously awaiting the end result.

To my dismay it didn't sound like much of an improvement over the old Akai DM microphone recordings. Still tinny, still thin, no warmth.

Back to square one, I guess. Have to figure out if it's the sound card, if it's the PC, or what's exactly going on.

I did happen to catch K.T. Tunstall on Austin City Limits, though. Wow. Great live performance. Having spent the last few weeks absorbed in microphones and mixers, it gave me a bit broader appreciation for everything that went into the show. Now I want to figure out what some of her stomp boxes do...

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