26 September 2006

Jose, tripping, and progress

First off, José González was absolutely great at Cat's Cradle last Thursday. Death Vessel opened and was quite a unique sound.

Unfortunately not much practice lately, and it shows. We took a trip back to the flatlands of Indiana this weekend, where I yelled myself hoarse at Purdue homecoming. But between seeing the old pines and oaks from "back home" and last week's concerts, there is certainly some inspiration to get back to work.

So finally tonight some progress. I put the "home studio" (I laugh!) back together, and had a chance to "X+Y" record some guitar with my PG81 and AT2020. It actually wasn't a terrible sound, even coming through the Sound Blaster. What was disconcerting, however, was some weird source of timeshifting when I recorded vocals to the guitar track. Some kind of latency is sneaking in there, either from the Sound Blaster itself, the USB bus, or from my sound software. Or, and I hope not, my Mackie -- the scary thing is I don't remember having this issue using the same software and sound card, the only differences were the inputs and the computer itself being the Athlon tower now instead of the Thinkpad. Very disconcerting.

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