29 August 2006

Putting yourself out there

Well, I used Writely to put a few songs worth of lyrics online. It's certainly a much easier and faster way than trying to use Google Pages to edit several pages and get everything "just right". Of course, "just right" certainly doesn't summarize my feeling on the lyrics at all. Standing alone, without music -- wow, they look juvenile and simple. But then again, not may people mistake a lyrics book for poetry.

Maybe it's a good thing I don't have my actual poetry online anymore...

I didn't get much practice in last night, since I was taking in the Jimmy V Volunteer dinner. To my surprise, a very accomplished singer-songwriter, James House, was the evening entertainment. Once home, I did manage to get once more through "Carousel". I'm not sure I'm happy with it but it appears to be getting "set" into a final state. My songs are so limited in chord changes and variety, but at least I threw a capo on for "Carousel" to change the pitch of the drone and hum, even if it's basically the same rythm and chord progression for the most part as "Best Days".

I've got to get with Bud and iron out some kind of agreement for the poem he wrote that I turned into a song, back in 1998 or so. But he's yet another of the friends I've completely lost contact with over the years. (Maybe there's a song idea in there somewhere...)

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