24 November 2009

The Aether Age

I missed its conception and formulation, but I've been following The Aether Age for about a month or so now, thinking about the guidelines, openly lustful at the thought of putting together a story to be included in it. I love the concept of a concept-based anthology; I love the particular concept picked--Egyptian and Grecian steampunk? Yeah, I'm in; and I love that it's all turning into a ShareAlike licensed work and world to be built upon, remixed, enjoyed the world over.

So I finally took the time to research the setting and idea which had been slowly clawing its way out of my brain and into text, pound out a first draft over a few days, and give it a couple rounds of reading and editing. Pretty happy with it so far, and I hope it strikes a fancy with the editors over there.

There's also a Facebook Group for Aether Age along with the blog. Not much discussion going, but the world is really just getting started.

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