16 September 2009

Whiteboarding a terribly drawn cartoon

Well, more than two and a half years since the last post; appropriate the last one was about how being a 'new dad' changes one's perspectives on things.

OK, enough banter.

I finally think I am beginning to "grok" Twitter; I'd avoided it for a long while, and finally I see some fun in it: watching Neil Gaiman, William Gibson, and a few other folks tweet their way through their crazy days is actually fairly interesting, and through those tweets I've been introduced to a few new writers that I've come to like.

But then it gets weird.

I'd been following some good-natured cross-sniping between a few folks, followed a few of them, and, after a particularly interesting (to me) exchange, finally decided that I'd put marker to whiteboard and sketch some of it out in high drama. Very, very, very low art but it's a start; I don't think I've ever actually put a sketch online before, and these may be the first six sketches I've done in over a decade.

Illustration is certainly something I never developed. I like to think I did pretty well on the music side, and passably well on the writing side. But visual art has always escaped me. I doubt I will ever sketch anything worth looking at for more than a second of disgust and distaste, but a 50% improvement will be enough for me, and I actually found the "process" enjoyable. The "process?" Basically: sketch on an 8x10 whiteboard, snap a picture with my (7 year?) old Olympus digital, shrink it to 30% size (using MS Paint no less, if I keep going I'll write a script to do it) and upload to montsamu musings on drunkduck.com.

Unfortunately I have a dozen more drawings in mind for that story alone to reach its conclusion, and already there's another one in mind for the next chapter.

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