01 June 2010


Well, the past couple of months have been mostly family, friends, work, and Bull Spec. But here's something which is just enough that I'd like to note it here:


11 April 2010

Places to write in RTP: Observation Park at RDU.

Observation Park at RDU Airport is a pretty nice place to write because:

  1. No WiFi (no distractions)
  2. Large steel birds which should be flightless nonetheless soar and land with grace
  3. Air Traffic Control Chatter on the speakers
  4. There's a bathroom
  5. There are details on small aircraft to read, like flight range, capacity, fuel consumption, etc.

10 April 2010

Wow. It's been a while.

If for some bizarre reason you're here instead of the BULL SPEC blog, head over there for some fun news:

  1. Creative Commons licensed, pay-what-you-like PDF version of BULL SPEC #1 is available.
  2. BULL SPEC #1 is now available at a bunch of stores, the latest of which is the Cary Barnes & Noble.

And some stuff that doesn't really go over there: two video "reviews" (more like previews or surveys or whatever):

  1. Crossed Genres #16 "Steampunk"
  2. Folded Word's Heron2


19 December 2009

The tools for the commons are ready.

When getting ready to launch BULL SPEC, there were a lot of questions about the tools available to use in producing the e-books and audiobooks. Could I afford top end audio recording software, professional desktop publishing software, vector graphic software, and so on; were the open source versions really ready?

The open source tools are more than ready.

14 December 2009

Holy updates!

Note the first: the wonderful Thaumatrope is publishing my holiday-themed serial "Bad Elf: A Dark Christmas Serial (Killer)" both on Twitter and the website. This is a whole lot of fun; huge personal thanks to Mr. Lilly for working me through a month of rewrites to get it into a format that both Twitter and I can be happy with, and I hope at least a few people are amused.

Note the second: BULL SPEC #1 is now open for pre-orders. Source code available to the Google App Engine to Paypal ExpressCheckout bridge over at GitHub.